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Umrah from Manchester - 2019
From £1050

Umrah from Manchester - 2019

    Date(s): 11 April - 22 April

    Days: 14

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Premium Umrah Package for 05 Nights
From £600
Economy Umrah Package for 10 Nights
From £675
Economy Umrah Package for 07 Nights
From £615
Economy Umrah Package for 05 Nights1
From £576

Hajj & Umrah

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Umrah – your pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia is one of the most precious and important time in your life. We totally understand your feelings and devotion and believe in providing you with services which can allow you to totally concentrate on your spiritual journey while all other processes run smoothly.Umrah flights expert at Ontime Travel ensure that you get the best Umrah package according to your budget and requirements. Our affordable Umrah Packages include visa for Umrah, best flights available for Umrah, transport after landing and hotel.

Ontime Travel offer Umrah visa service separately along with packages that include visa service, flight booking and other arrangements mentioned above. Umrah visa fee starting from £65.00 only, is dependent upon the low or high Umrah seasons. Economy Umrah package start from only £260 + flights and direct umrah flights with Saudi Airline from £375.


Our standard transport options, after landing in Saudi Arabia, included within the Umrah Package are:

  1. Transport from Jeddah Airport to your Makah hotel 
  2. Transport from Makah hotel to Madinah Hotel (check umrah package details)
  3. Transport from Madinah Hotel back to Jeddah Airport

You can also contact our Umrah consultant for customized packages that match your requirements. 

We understand the fact that your stay in the hotels needs to be as comfortable and hassle free as possible. We ensure that you get a smooth check-in, comfortable rooms, good food and smooth check-out. For customized requirements of hotel, you can contact our Umrah consultant to arrange the most economical customized package that matches your requirements. 

You can easily book direct economical tickets of Saudi Airline through this website. Indirect Umrah flights from renowned international airlines are also available from all the major cities of United Kingdom. You can choose Umrah flights from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow and book your flight tickets today. According to the latest advancements, Umrah Flights can also be booked for Madinah Airport now. 

Cheap Hajj Packages

Hajj- No doubts is the most important event of your life. The most sacred and precious journey or pilgrimage you have ever undertaken or will undertake in life.

We at Ontime Travel understand the importance and significance of this journey and believe in adding value to it. All you need to do is to keep your full focus on your holy journey before Hajj and on the rituals during the Hajj time while we do all the work for you to make your trip as memorable as possible. Our Hajj packages include the best flight arrangements, hotel booking and transportation options. 

At Ontime Travel, we have designed Hajj packages that include:

Travel to and from the airport Jeddah/Madina 

Accommodation in a nice bed & breakfast style hotel

We ensure that the hotel is in close proximity to the Masjid al-Haram so that you can easily move to and fro and pay your full attention on Hajj as well as get an easy access to the retiring place.  You can easily complete and focus on your pilgrimage without any unnecessary worries regarding the finer details of trip planning as we will do it all for you. 

For customized Hajj Package and requirements call 0161 870 6778.  You can also follow Alfalah Travel on Facebook to keep track of the Hajj booking dates and other important events.