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Antalya – One of the most visited places in Turkey. It takes its place among the few most interesting tourist destinations in the world.

Antalya is famous for its historic monuments and museums.

Antalya International Airport connects Antalya to the world.

Car rentals are easily available from the airport for touring the city. There is also a network of look-alike minibuses and trams. Taxi cabs are also available.

Duden Waterfalls are stunningly beautiful and house many restaurants and eating and drinking places.

People can enjoy the water along with food and drinks and sit inside the waterfalls for fun. Kursunlu waterfalls are another beautiful scenic place to visit.

The grandeur of the Turkish Empire can be seen by going to Perge with Greek and Roman Ruins.

You can also enjoy getting totally lost into the old times and visit the historical and ancient remains at Kaleiçi, the land that has been restored to retain its historical character.

Kaleiçi Museum is also a must to see. Ancient monuments worth visiting include the City Walls, H?d?rl?k Tower, Hadrian's Gate and the famous Clock Tower.

‘Tekeli Mehmet Pa?a Mosque’ from the 18th-century, Yat Liman? and Yivli Minare Mosque that is beautifully decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles are all must to visit places.

Mermerli beach and Kaputas beach in Antalia are relaxing places for lying on the hot sand and enjoying the cool breeze of air from the sea.

Antalya aquarium is also one of the most beautiful places for families to go together and have fun. 

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Antalya Travellers Choice of Airlines

  • Turkish Airlines

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