Top 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Holidays Abroad

Holidays from hell

Travelling is exciting and intriguing. However, sometime dream holidays become nightmare. Vacationers are among the most popular types of people to be mugged or attacked, especially in some parts of the world. You can avoid all this by following the top recommended tips to stay safe while on vacation. Here are the top five tips to follow right now.

Check the Reputability of the Flight Companies

Reputable Travel agent

More and more people are looking for cheap flights, and there are plenty of websites offering great deals. At least, they seem like great deals. Unfortunately, there are also scam artists out there who know that you’re looking for the cheapest option on your flights. They set up websites that seem to offer the deals, but all they do is steal your card details and commit identity fraud at a later date.

When you’re looking for great flight deals, it’s important to check out the reputability of the websites. Look for the signs that the website is security protected, with the locked padlock in the bottom right-hand corner and the https:// at the start of the domain name. It’s also worth doing some research online if you find a company that you’ve never heard of before.

This isn’t just about flights, either. You will want to do the same check on websites offering deals on hotels, visas and even money exchanges.

Think Twice About the “Watch Out for Pick Pocket” Signs

pick pocketing on holidays

Many cities now have signs to inform individuals to watch out for pick pockets. The first thing you’re likely to do is check your pockets for your wallet, phone and other possessions. This is the worst thing that you can do.

These signs are where most of the pick pockets stand. After all, what was your first reaction? It allows the pick pockets to know where you store your valuables to determine whether you’re an easy mark. This increases your chance of having your valuables stolen without even realizing it.

While you want to check for your valuables, wait until you are away from these signs. Chances are nothing has been taken yet because you didn’t make it clear where you keep your wallet and money.

Don’t Take All Your Money Out With You

cash in pocket

Many vacationers believe that taking all their money with them is safer. After all, there’s no telling who the cleaners are and whether they will go through your belongings. This is actually the worst thing to do. If you take all your money, you have nothing left if you are mugged while away.

Only take the money that you definitely need with you. The same applies to credit cards. Put the others in a locked safe at your hotel, so you have something to fall back on just in case.

Leave Your Passport in the Hotel

keep safe passport

Like your money, your passport is not safer on your person. Thieves can try to steal this to forge your identity. The best thing to do is leave it in the hotel, in the locked safe with the extra money that you have.

There will be times that you need your passport. Don’t make it clear that you have it with you, and take other forms of ID out with you instead when you can. Most places will accept driving licenses. Losing your driving license is not as detrimental as losing your passport. At least you can get home!

Check the Weather Reports

unexpected weather

So many holiday destinations are known for their warm weather and great climates, but you need to make sure you go at the right time of year. Before booking that trip to the Bahamas, check the weather report. Are you going in hurricane season? Not only will tourist spots be shut but you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, check the weather reports to make sure you get to have a great time.

The safer you keep yourself, the less likely you are to fall victim to thieves while on vacation. The above five tips are some of the most recommended for vacationers so that they stay safe throughout their trip. Follow them and then you get to enjoy your whole stay.

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