Booking Your Holiday Online – Tips for Safety and Security

Enjoy more beaches and worry less – start your holiday off on the right foot with safe and secure online payments.Planning a holiday can be a stressful process – you have to think about finding cheap flights, hotels deals, and an overall affordable trip.

Many of these bookings today are done online, but how can you be sure that the sites and services you use are secure? Unfortunately, scams are everywhere on the Internet and if you are not careful you may just book a flight that doesn’t exist, or a car service that never shows up.

Just follow these tips and you’ll have one less worry when planning your next holiday.

  • Use Reputable Booking Sites

Stick to well-known holiday/flight booking sites with detailed and thorough safety and security policies. These sites often offer financial protection and a 24-hour service center if you have any questions.
Cheap Flights with IATA AgencySecure and safe Holidays

Finding an insanely cheap flight on a questionable self-advertised site may seem like a great deal, but stick to the sites you know and you are off to a much safer start.

  • Keep Your Personal Information Safe

keep safe passportIf you receive a solicitation e-mail asking for to reconfirm your payment information, think twice before proceeding. Scammers can get a hold of your recent booking information and hope to take advantage. Often the best way to handle something like this is to call the site’s call centre directly, if they have no knowledge of the e-mail then you know it’s a scam. Always better to be safe when something like your passport information or credit card number is at stake.

  • Secure Checkouts Only

Secure Online Payment with Ontime Travel

All of the reputable booking sites will offer a form of secure payment checkout. You’ll notice this with the https:// code in the website address or a little green padlock symbol – this means the page you’ve been directed to is a safe area to enter your sensitive information. This is a necessity on any credited site, so if you see this you can relax knowing that the payment is secure.

  • Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Umrah Travel Insurance

One of those necessary trip expenses that may seem like a waste, until the time you actually need it. Travel insurance will be your saviour when you are stuck in a country you are unfamiliar with, like Nigeria or India, and have made a mistake on a booking or have an unexpected change in your itinerary. You’ll thank us later for this tip.

By following these tips you will become a savvy travel planner and can safely and securely find your next great flight deal, cheap hotel room, and have an affordable and enjoyable holiday.

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