You Should Not Travel Pakistan

“You Should Not Travel Pakistan otherwise You Will Fall in Love With Pakistan”

It was my first evening in Pakistan. My hosts, a Lahore banker and his charming wife, wanted to show me the sights, so they took me to a restaurant on the roof of a town house in the Old City.

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Lahore Old City

My food was delicious, the conversation sparky – and from our vantage point we enjoyed a perfect view of the Badshahi Mosque, which was commissioned by the emperor Aurangzeb in 1671.

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Badshahi Masjid

It was my first inkling of a problem. I had been dispatched to write a report reflecting the common perception that Pakistan is one of the most backward and savage countries in the world. This attitude has been hard-wired into Western reporting for years and is best summed up by the writing of the iconic journalist Christopher Hitchens. Shortly before he died last December, Hitchens wrote a piece in Vanity Fair that bordered on racism.

Yet the reality is far more complex. Indeed, the Pakistan that is barely documented in the West – and that I have come to know and love – is a wonderful, warm and fabulously hospitable country. And every writer who (unlike Hitchens), has ventured out of the prism of received opinion and the suffocating five-star hotels, has ended up celebrating rather than denigrating Pakistan.

A paradox is at work. Pakistan regularly experiences unspeakable tragedy. The most recent suicide bombing, in a busy market in northwestern Pakistan, claimed 32 lives and came only a month after another bomb blast killed at least 35 people in the Khyber tribal district on January 10. But suffering can also release something inside the human spirit. During my extensive travels through this country, I have met people of truly amazing moral stature.

Certainly, it is a country scarred by cynicism and corruption, where rich men do not hesitate to steal from the poor, and where natural events such as earthquakes and floods can bring about limitless human suffering. But the people show a resilience that is utterly humbling in the face of these disasters.

In the wake of the floods of 2009 I travelled deep into the Punjab to the village of Bhangar to gauge the extent of the tragedy. Just a few weeks earlier everything had been washed away by eight-feet deep waters. Walking into this ruined village I saw a well-built man, naked to the waist, stirring a gigantic pot. He told me that his name was Khalifa and that he was preparing a rice dinner for the hundred or more survivors of the floods.

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There is the sheer beauty of the country. Contrary to popular opinion, much of Pakistan is perfectly safe to visit so long as elementary precautions are taken, and, where necessary, a reliable local guide secured. I have made many friends here, and they live normal, fulfilled family lives. Indeed there is no reason at all why foreigners should not holiday in some of Pakistan’s amazing holiday locations, made all the better by the almost complete absence of Western tourists.

Take Gilgit-Baltistan in the north, where three of the world’s greatest mountain ranges – the Hindu Kush, the Himalayas and the Karakorams — meet. This area, easily accessible by plane from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, is a paradise for climbers, hikers, fishermen and botanists. K2 – the world’s second-highest mountain – is in Gilgit, as are some of the largest glaciers outside the polar regions.

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Go to Shandur, 12,000ft above sea level, which every year hosts a grand polo tournament between the Gilgit and Chitral polo teams in a windswept ground flanked by massive mountain ranges. Or travel south to Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, cradle of the Indus Valley civilisation which generated the world’s first urban culture, parallel with Egypt and ancient Sumer, approximately 5,000 years ago.

Many write of how dangerous Pakistan has become. More remarkable, by far, is how safe it remains, thanks to the strength and good humour of its people. The image of the average Pakistani citizen as a religious fanatic or a terrorist is simply a libel, the result of ignorance and prejudice.

After a trip round Lahore’s old town she said: “I could not have imagined seeing some of the sights I have seen today. They were indefinable and left me feeling totally humbled and totally privileged.” She concluded: “All I would say is: ‘Mothers-in-law of the world, unite and go to Pakistan. Because you’ll love it’. Honestly!”

Mrs Waller is telling the truth. And if you don’t believe me, please visit and find out for yourself.

Written By Peter Oborne in Telegraph UK

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Dubai is the touring hub for the world. It is not only a must go place for relaxation but a heaven for people who love shopping and like adventure. All the hotels under £30 per day have facilities of free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, fridge, washroom with separate shower areas and a mini bar.


Gateway Hotel Dubai

Gateway Hotel Dubai

Gateway hotel is a newly made hotel situated on Khalid bin Waleed Street in Bur Dubai. It is a 7Km drive away from Dubai International Airport. It is a hotel based on modern furnishings and a relaxing place for people who want spa, sauna and an outdoor pool. The standard room for 2 adults costs £31 per night. At a distance of 5 min drive, there is Dubai metro green line which can be used for further travel and touring.
Book with Gateway Hotel Dubai



At a merely 3 minute’s walk away from Al Rigga Metro Station and 2 km from Burjuman Mall, Lavender hotel is situated on Al Tazeera Street, Deira Dubai. It has a Mediterranean look to it with its balconies, from where the guests can view the city and enjoy the rooftop pool. It is only 5 km away from Dubai International Airport. The double standard room, standard twin room is available at the cost of £31 per night and a single room can be booked only under a very low price of £28 per night.



It is a 3 star hotel just 2 km away from downtown Bur Dubai. It is a place with extremely pleasant and homely ambience. There are spacious rooms with balconies and the hotel is happening with an outdoor pool with a fitness center and a soothing spa. Relaxing therapies and massages can be booked at the Karama Spa. Indian, Arabic, Continental and Chinese cuisines can be enjoyed from the Ustav restaurant of the hotel. A night club is there for all the fun lovers with a karaoke bar. A standard double room for 2 adults is available at a rate of £31 per night. Karama metro station is next to it and Dubai International Airport is at 10 minutes drive.
Book with Fortune Karama



With all the comforts and luxuries, Tulip Hotel Inn Apartments is a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous rooftop pool which is adorned with a sauna room and a fitness Centre. It is present just 600m away from Burjuman Shopping Centre and 500m away from Khalid Bin Waleed Metro Station. It is located at 5A, Street 317 Community Bur Dubai. A standard double room for 2 adults and 2 children costs around £30. A beauty in this hotel is that they arrange rentals and also arrange tours for the nearby places.
Book with Tulip inn hotel apartments



Located on Trade Centre Road, Bur Dubai, it is a modern hotel with 2 restaurants. Kolavam restaurant has Indian cuisine and Italian wines are served to the guests. Anatakshari Indian night club is for all the Bollywood inspired guests for fun and relaxation. There is also a bar which serves English beers and drinks to freshen up the guests. A standard double room costs £30 per night. Dubai International Airport is just 7 km away and Karama Metro Station is at a 7 min walking distance.
Book with President Hotel



A cost of £30 per night for 2 adults is a good deal for Arabian Suites located in the Al Mankhool district of Dubai. The guests can relax in 2 huge outdoor pools along with 2 fitness centers and sauna. One of the most happening Al Khaleej shopping mall is just 1 km away.
Book with Arabian Suites.



One of the biggest advantages of this hotel is that it is only 2 minutes walking distance from public transport. Built on Port Rashid Road in Bur Dubai, this hotel has a night club, pool, gym, lavish breakfast buffet and a bar with karaoke. The guests are in awe of the grandeur of the glass chandeliers and international cuisines. It is less than 3 km away from the famous Burjuman Mall and less than 1 km away from the Heritage Village. A single room costs £28 for 2 adults.
Book with Samana Hotel Al Raffa



Present in the center of Dera District of Dubai is Zain International Hotel which costs £27 per night for double or twin room for 2 adults and 1 child. It is famous for its rooftop pools, sauna baths and well equipped gym. The balconies are an attraction for guests to see the hustle and bustle of Al Rigga Road. It is at 5 minutes walking distance from the Al Rigga Metro Station and a 5 minute drive away from the Dubai International Airport.
Book with Zain International Hotel



It is located on Al Fahidi Street near Dubai Museum and Meena Bazar in the heart of Bur Dubai. It is adorned with beautiful modern furniture and sharp colors have been used to inspire guests. It is only 3 km away from Dubai International Airport. Airport shuttle service is also available. The cost of one night stay for 2 adults and 1 child is £25 in a double room.
Book with Sun City International Hotel



The main attraction of this hotel is its rooftop pool and shuttle service to Ibn I Batuta Mall, Jumeirah Beach Walk and the Dubai Metro. Bedouinn’s Bistro works in evening  serving a wide range of international cuisines. The snack bar serves casual light meals for the guests. The cost of a room per night is £30 for a double room.
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It is located 7.1 km away from the center of Bur Dubai and behind the famous Burjuman Shopping Centre. The studio apartment costs £27 per night. The guests are entertained by restaurants with international and Indian cuisine giving a huge variety of menu for the guests. Guests have the luxury to use the hot tub to relax from the tiring traveling or they can use the free gym and weights to freshen themselves up. Bar and a night club is also present for the entertainment purposes of the guests.
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A 3 star hotel near Al Ghurair Shopping Mall is located on the Al Riqqa Street, Deira Dubai. The shuttle to beach is the main attraction for the tourists. There is a large variety of meals and cuisines served in international buffets. A pool bar and a hot tub are also available for guests to relax their nerves after long day of tours and travel.
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Formally known as Hallmark Hotel, it is located on the Al Riqqa Street behind the Commercial Bank Building Deira Dubai. It is at a distance of 200 meters away from Al Riqqa Metro Station and Al Ghurair Shopping Mall. A shuttle service is present for the Mazmar Beach and different shopping centers like City Centre. The gym, massages and sauna room relax and rejuvenate the tourists for further exploring the city. A standard room for 2 adults is for £26 per night.
Book with Summit Hotel



It is located on Mankhool Road in Bur Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road and World Trade Centre is only 15 minutes drive away from the hotel. A studio for 2 adults costs £30 per night. The studio apartments are arranged with modern furniture and room service is also available for meals. The famous breakfast buffet has many scrumptious dishes to be enjoyed by the tourists. There is facility of hot tub and sauna for relaxation and rooftop pool and a gym for refreshing tourists.
Book with Fortune Grand Hotel Apartment



This beautifully wooden furnished hotel is located on the Damascus Street Al Qusais. It has a pleasant ambiance with tourists busy using the gym or unnerving in the outdoor pool or mini bar. The balcony shows the lovely city view with sky scrapers and cars on the streets.  It is at a distance of 5 km from the Dubai International Airport.
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Present on Khalid Bin Waleed Road in Bur Dubai, this hotel is at a 5 minute walk from Al Fahidi Metro Station. Dubai mall and Mall of Emirates are at a distance of 8 and 20 km respectively. The famous Jumeirah Beach and World Trade Centre can be reached within a few minutes in a taxi. Outdoor pool, sauna, massage therapies and fitness center can be used for extra charges. The standard room for 2 adults is charged for £30 per night.
Book with Orchid Vue Hotel



It is located on Al Rigga road and only 100 meters far from Al Rigga Metro Station. This place is unique in the sense that you can either go out on trips arranged by the tour desk or have extravagant breakfast and lunch buffets or you can relax in a sauna or hot tub or roof top pool or if you are in the mood of writing and pouring your mind out, the rooms are furnished with a proper working desk. The city view can also be enjoyed from many rooms. There is a complimentary shuttle service for airport which is at a distance of 4.5 km from the hotel. The standard rooms are available at a rate of £30 per night for 2 adults and a child.
Book with Sun & Sky Al Rigga Hotel



It is located on the Al Rigga road Deira Dubai. It has a modernized construction which is classy yet fun to live in. There are balconies for panoramic view of the city in some of the rooms. It is famous for its 5 dining outlets and specialized sauna and spa facilities including the Turkish Hammam. The twin room is available for 2 adults for £29 per night.
Book with Sun & Sands Downtown Hotel




The standard room for 2 adults is charged for £29 per night. It is located on the Al Mankhool Street near the Al Fahidi Metro Station. It is a happening place owing to the presence of 2 night clubs where tourists can dance and enjoy live entertainment. The rooms have modern furniture with large windows from which one can appreciate the views of the city. There is a classy sauna, gym and Turkish steam center for relaxation and solace.
Book with Regal Plaza Hotel



It is located on the famous Al Rigga Road Deira Dubai among the other hotels. It has a comforting and soothing sauna and outdoor pool. It is only 2 minutes away from the renowned Dubai Museum. It has a fitness center as well for exercise and yoga. There is a tasty breakfast buffet every day for tourists. The bar serves drinks and snacks for refreshments. The deluxe double room is for 2 adults and costs around £27.
Book with Grand Central Hotel



It is situated on Salahuddin Street Deira Dubai and only 3 minutes away from the Salahuddin Metro Station. There is a Rana Arabic night club for the entertainment of tourists. Dawat Deira serves food for Indians who love Bollywood style. Aashiqui has Indian dishes and also influenced by Bollywood. Chandini has live music and international styled food is served to the tourists. Double or twin for 2 adults is for £27 per night.
Book with Royal Falcon Hotel



This hotel is right beside the Dubai International Airport and it has Arabic influenced suites. The main beauty is in the outdoor swimming pools where interesting and tasty drinks are served from the pool bar. A room for 2 adults and a kid is for £29 per night. A seasonal restaurant serves international as well as local cuisines.
Book with Al Jawahara Gardens Hotel



It is located on the Al Muraqabat Street Deira Dubai. The hotel is constructed in modern style and the ceiling length windows give an enchanting view of city in the evenings. The famous shopping heavens i.e. the Al Ghurair Mall and Reef Mall are at walking distance.
Book with Dream Palace Hotel



It is located in Muteena Deira Dubai. The Golden Souk is only 2 km away and shuttle service is provided for Mazmar Beach for the tourists for their comfort. A kitchen is also built in each room for guests if they want to cook anything of their own choice. The décor is modern with floors matted with tiles. A room for 2 adults costs around £29 a day.
Book with Icon Hotel Apartments



This hotel is located at a 10 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport. This hotel has Mediterranean influence with the furniture in carpeted rooms with a hotel tub and sauna with a roof top pool. There is also a fitness center and a games room. Different buffets served with international, South Asian, Chinese and Arabic delicacies are a must to taste. £22 is charged for a room for 2 adults.
Book with Rafee Hotel



It is situated on the Al Rigga Street behind the Dana Centre in Deira Dubai. There is a Palm Court Restaurant for Arabic and continental cuisines. The nearest metro station is at 500 meters distance. It has a sports bar and Pakistani Night Club for entertainment. A standard room for 2 adults and a kid is for £27 a day.
Book with Hotel Versailles



Situated on the Al Buteen Road, Deira Dubai, this hotel is all about fun. It has a fun loving and busy night club for dancing. The Arabic restaurant has special belly dancers who perform on Arabic music for the entertainment of the guests while the food is being served. A shuttle service to beach is also complimentary. A twin room or double room for 2 adults and 1 kid is for £30 per night.
Book with Broadway Hotel



This hotel is located near Abu Hail Centre and close to the Abu Hail Metro Station. The rooms are modernly decorated with mini bar and fresh toiletries in washrooms. The outdoor pool has a beautiful view and the sun terrace is very relaxing in the afternoons. £30 is charged from 2 adults and one kid for a night.
Book with Abjar Grand Hotel



It is one of the hotels on Al Rigga Street which are a touring attraction for the tourists from all over the world. It was formerly known as Quality Inn Hotel. Some of the rooms have balconies for enjoying the panoramic view of the city. The drinks can be bought from Lords Pub. At the end of the day, one can go to the night club for enjoyment. A double or twin room is for £25 per night.
Book with Ramee Guestline Hotel



Located near the shopping centers like Burjuman Shopping Centre and Dubai Trade Centre, this hotel has a reasonable rate of £28 per night in a standard single room. Restaurant flaunts with Middle Eastern style dishes.
Book with Everest International Hotel



Built with a modernistic concept, this hotel is located on Al Khaleej Road Deira Dubai. The outdoor pool is a fun to relax. The Ewa Restaurant serves dishes in buffet style.  The tour desk also arranges rental car for sightseeing and touring. A standard double room costs £26 per night for 2 adults and a kid.
Book with Ewa Dubai Deira Hotel



This hotel has one of the largest rooms in this range of hotels in Dubai. With a roof top pool and 2 restaurants to serve guests, this hotel has rooms with balconies overviewing the city. For unwinding after busy hours, one can go for a massage or relax in a hot tub. The eatery is constructed with a modern outlook and a bar serves local and international beverages. Mamzar Beach can be reached by a shuttle which is a courtesy service by the hotel administration. A single deluxe room for 2 adults and 2 children is for £30 per night.
Book with Fortune Boutique Hotel



Reminding you of that golden Arabic empire, this hotel is based on traditional settings on Al Mankhool Street, Bir Dubai. It is not only near to the Burjuman Shopping Centre but is a few minutes drive from Dubai Museum, Gold Souk, World Trade Centre and Dubai Creek. Tourists can take advantage from the free beach shuttle service. A separate sauna and pool is for gents and ladies. The restaurant has a large variety of Chinese, Indian and traditional delicacies.  A studio suite costs £30 per night for a couple and 1 kid.
Book with Pearl Residence Hotel Apartments



Present on the Mankhool Street in Bur Dubai, this hotel is only ten minutes drive from the World Trade Centre. The hotel has classical style furnishings with private balconies for viewing Dubai and be absorbed in its spell. A spacious kitchen is also there for guests who want to cook of their own choice. A hot tub or sauna is also present for relaxation after travelling and touring. The charge for one night stay in an executive studio is £27 per night for 2 adults and a kid.
Book with Richmond Hotel Apartments



This hotel is at a walking distance from the famous Palm Beach, Dubai Museum, Gold Souk and Dubai Creek. It is located at only 7.7 km away from the Dubai International Airport and airport transfer is provided with a surcharge. This beautiful hotel has one standard room for 2 adults and 1 kid for £29 per night. The rooms are adorned with modern furniture. There are many cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area.
Book with Palm Beach Hotel



With a pleasant ambience, this hotel is present near the Makhtoom Hospital, Deira Dubai. Baniyas Square Metro Station is only a few minutes walk away. Union Metro Station is also at a walking distance. The rooms have a modern outlook. A double room can be taken for one night at £27 per night.
Book with Time Square Hotel



With beige and creamy colors of desert, this hotel is made on classic Arabic architecture. It is situated opposite to the Al Ras Metro Station, Deira Dubai. A studio apartment costs around £28 per night for 2 adults and 1 kid. A small kitchen is also made in each room for the guests to make their own favorite dishes. Dubai Mall is 8 km and Dubai International Airport is only 7km away.
Book with Hafez Hotel Apartments



This hotel is present near Al Maktoum Road, Deira Dubai. With all the glass work on the exterior, this hotel is all but simple and has soft colors on the inside of the hotel. The décor is simplistic with elegance for the comfort of the guests. Chinese village is made on the teak trees theme and serves Chinese and Asian delicacies. Kalavara restaurant serves Indian stews and spicy south Indian dishes. A deluxe room can be taken for a night for £26 for 2 adults and a kid.
Book with Nihal Hotel



It is present on the Al Riqqa Street , Deira Dubai. There is not only a rooftop pool but also a rooftop restaurant so that the guests can enjoy the views of the enchanting city. The restaurants serve typical Indian menu with pub on side where billiard can be played. A night club is also there with music to make your feet move and dance with it. A superior twin room can be acquired for £28 per night for 2 adults and 1 kid.
Book with Signature Inn Dubai



This hotel is made in colors of desert and dune. It is located on the Sabkha Road, near Sabkha Bus Station. Double or twin room can be taken for a night for 2 adults and 1 kid at the rate of £30 per night. It is situated at a 6 minutes drive away from Naif Souk and Souk Al Wasl. Dubai International Airport is at a distance of 20 minutes by car.
Book with Grand Sina Hotel



It is located on the Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Bur Dubai. It is only minutes away from the busy and happening Meena Bazar and Dubai Museum. With a beautiful rooftop pool, this hotel is constructed with modern day architecture. Facilities like sauna and gym are also available. A standard room for 2 adults and 1 kid costs about £30 per night.
Book with Howard Johnson Bur Dubai



With an economical rate of £25 per night for a standard double room for 2 adults, this hotel has all the basic comforts one can imagine. It is located in the mid of Dubai’s spirited district Nasr Square. Some suites are made with a living room as well.  It is 20 minutes drive away from Al Ghurair Mall, Old Spice Souk and the Dubai International Airport.
Book with Phoenix Hotel



Present on the Al Rigga Road, Deira Dubai, this hotel has spacious elegant rooms with all luxuries and comforts. It is only a few minutes walk away from the Clock Tower and Dubai International Airport takes 10 minutes on wheels. A double room is charged for £25 per night for 2 adults and 1 kid.
Book with Saffron Hotel



Located on the Al Fatah Street, this hotel is made to cater for the comforts of masses coming in the hotel for tours and excursion. Amby’s Restaurant and Grill serves western, Chinese style and Indian dishes. George and Dragon is a pub with British theme. Mela is an Indian themed night club. Shopping centers like Burjuman Shopping Centre, Deira City Centre and Wafi City are at walking distance. A single room for 2 adults costs about £30 per night.
Book with Ambassador Hotel



It is located on Al Fahidi Street, just 2 minutes away from Dubsi Creek and 5 minutes away from Burjuman Mall. A standard room for 2 adults costs £28 per night. Pancho’s Restaurant serves cultural fusion cuisine of Americana and Mexican style. A night club and Indian eatery are also present. They also arrange shopping trips to local souks and malls, Desert Safari and Creek cruises.
Book with Astoria Hotel



Ahmedia Heritage guest house is the true depiction of the Emirati culture where you can see the reflection of their living style. With a very economical price of £27 per night for a couple, it is a very relaxing and soothing place for people who want to indulge in the pool or hot tub or want to enjoy the famous Turkish Hammam. The Metro station is just minutes away.
Book with Ahmedia Heritage Guest House



Just a few minutes walk from the Mall of Emirates, there is La Villa Najd Hotel Apartments. It is a hotel with modern furnishings and a kitchenette for the food lovers for comfort cooking. The gym, sauna and outdoor pool are the lavish facilities of this hotel. The hotel is at a few minutes drive from Palm Jumeirah, Wild Wadi, Dubai Media City and Burj Al Arab. Standard one bedroom apartment or deluxe one bedroom apartment for 2 adults and 1 kid is for £28 per night.
Book with La Villa Najd Hotel Apartments



The hotel is designed in the form of a large cruise ship. It is present near the Mall of Emirates and a Metro station. The rooms have an added advantage of a coffee maker for brewing fresh coffee in morning and tea kettle for tea lovers. There is work desk in every room for carrying out work along with pleasure. There are many places for having fun like a night club or an English Pub or a lobby café. A superior double room can be taken for £28 per night for 2 adults and 1 kid.
Book with Grand Excelsior Hotel Al Barsha



It is a renowned hotel because of its prime location near the Al Ghurari Shopping Centre and Al Riqqa Street with its famous restaurants and shops. Union Metro Station is very near and can be used for touring the city easily. Naif, Morshid Bazar and Gold Souk are at a walking distance. A standard double room costs £27 per night. Shisha is also available.
Book with Sadaf Hotel



Twin, family and double rooms are available at the economic price of £28 per night. It is present in the silicon oasis near the Emirates road. With a roof top pool and gym, it has attracted a large number of tourists because of its shuttle service for the desert, shopping malls and the city. It is only 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and the city itself. The Retreat is a famous bar for serving snacks and refreshing drinks.
Book with Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis

Top 100 things to do in India

Apart from the routine visits to hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries, there is a lot to do and enjoy in India. If you want to make the best of your visit to india and do something amazing, mark down this list start today!

1. Witness the Glory of the Two Punjab’s at Wagah Border

wagha border India/Pakistan

The Wagah border, the border gate between the Two Punjabs, hosts a ceremony much more interesting than the Guards in London. Before sunset, this India-Pakistan border ceremony begins. Bugles sounds to tear your lungs apart as haughty, stout, tall and glamorously dressed wide shouldered border guards go in for the flag lowering ceremony on both the sides.

2. Visit The Golden Temple in Amritsar


Amritsar’s Golden Temple has the influences of Hindu, Muslim and European culture in its architecture while being the most important for the Sikh. Enjoy the lungar, food distributed for free, after a dip in the lake. You will adore it.

3. Taj Mahal Agra – Visit the Wonder


Gaze at the 17th century white marble grandeur listed as the wonder of the world. A monument that is a symbol of eternal love. Be one of those lucky ones to see its shine in full moon and maybe you find your love dream come true.

4. Killa Raipur


Punjab has always been the backbone of India. The people wear out their strength in sports and the open Punjabi dialect. The Punjabi style mud-wrestling known as Kabbadi is the most famous sport here. Attend the festival at Fort Raipur during February onwards. Here you will see tourist from other countries taking part in festivities.

5. Taste Dhabba Food


Enjoy the Punjabi dhabba food, a cuisine you will never forget as your taste buds will surely keep yearning for it for quite a long time. Murthal, near Sonepat, on NH1 is the best spot for Punjabi dhabbas

6. Eat Paratha in Delhi


Go with the flow in the market and find the ‘Paratha Wali Gali’ at Chandani Chowk. Your crave for mutton and other Indian foods and sweats will be taken care of in this street and will leave you with an experience of the best foods in the world. Check our latest flights to delhi deals.

7. Trip to Ladakh on a Bike


Seek adventure on a bike as you view the beautiful valleys. Adjust your trip according to the season as the Rothang pass closes in December. Bikes can go beyond Ladakh to Khardund La Pass – the highest motor able pass in the world.

8. Uttarkhand World Heritage


Dream Alice in Wonderland and here you are in a wonderland of flowers and beauty. The place is in the Himalayas and is a home to the snow leopard and the Asiatic Black Bear.

9. The Oldest National Park – Corbett National Park


An elephant ride and safari would introduce you to a general wildlife of India. Watch the leopards, tigers and different species in deer and fowls.

10. Varanasi – For Spiritually Enlightened


A must to see Waransai, known to be the oldest city in India and the holiest city for Hindus, Jain and Buddhists. On banks of the holy river Ganga, a dip takes away all your sins.

Be prepared to get a dip along with thousands of others for an experience like never before. As some narrator puts it that ‘As long as the waters of Ganga-Jamna flow, so goes on the life of my love.’

11. House Boat Ride in Dal Lake – Shikara


Mesmerise yourself by staying in a house boat which history backs to the 18th century. You will be amazed at the surrounding beauty and an unforgettable tour. The hotels are the most economical here to suit any budget.

12. Rejuvenating yoga at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh 


Right on the banks of River Ganges, succumb to the realities of nature as nestling among the Himalayas, this place gives you peace and tranquility. While sitting on top of a stone with all the earth below you, go into yoga to eternity.

13. Visit to Bodh Gaya – Light for the Enlighten


Gautama Buddha saw the light for the pure right here while in meditation. Mahabodhi Temple – The most sacred Buddhist temple populate the place with local monks. Wishes in your heart, come true.

14. The colours of joy at Vrindavan


Indulge into Holi – a Hindu festival of throwing colours at each other. At Vrindavan, the ritual goes on for a week, as compared to a day’s celebration in rest of the country. Visit the temples and merge with the crowd to enjoy this colourful event.

15. Khajuraho – The way in passion


Have you ever read the novel’ Kama sutra’? Khajuraho is the place from where this name was taken. The erotic rock carvings portray love and passion and are a delight.

16. Royal cuisine and biryani in Lucknow 


Saltish and sugary delights and other delicacies to savor – Lucknow is the place. The famous Urdu speaking favor, the delicious world famous biryani, has its origins from this place. The place is famous for its spices.

17. Glide over the Zanskar River – Ladakh


The Zanskar River invites many trekkers to glide over the frozen river in winters. It is the only passage to the main valley.

18. Kumbh Mela – A long awaited festival


River Ganges and River Godwari witness a 12 yearly and a six yearly mella at Haridwar, Ujjain, Alladabad, Nashik and Allahbad respectively. The pilgrims are in huge numbers. Just follow the flown and get an experience of a lifetime.

19. Zuluk Loops – Drive around the hills and rocks in loops


An existing open jeep trip in Sikkim as you experience driving through the hills.

20. Mathura – Celebrations to Lord Krishna


Be a part to pay homage to Lord Krisna at Krishna Janamashtmi with all in spirituality and fervour. The splendor of such festivals will entice you to the end.

21. Pangong Lake – In the lost kingdom


The lake nestles among the snow clad peaks of a desolate region which had been very less trudged by human feet in the near past. The lake does change its colours by season. A vehicle can safely drive you to your destination where you can camp and relax.

22. Tsomoriri Lake – exotic in all respects


Ladakh holds all the surprises. Tsomoriri Lake is the largest of the high attitude lakes. Situated in one of the largest plateaus of the world known as Changthang. It is a symbol of tranquility with awesome scenic beauty.

23. Sonepur – Cattle Fair


Sunepur Cattle Fair is considered to be one of the largest cattle fairs in the world. This event involves trading of the beautifully decorated elephants and other cattle.

24. The enchanting Ruins of Nalanda 


Though the snake charmers have their way, but the ruins of the rustic magical city go back to 5th century. It’s a must to visit.

25. Darjeeling’s Toy Train


Feel yourself in the Disney World of toy trains. A real life experience in a toy train as you chug along the meandering rails to the hill station Darjeeling. The views are fascinating enough to sooth your eyes.

26. Hornbill Festival – In the Land of Nagas


Do not forget to attend the Horn Bill festival that invites all the tribes to their colourful dances and regional food.

27. Orissa – Survival of the Ages


Experience the mystic tribes of Orrisa with their unaltered rituals and beliefs that are centuries old. See how they have settled in harmony with the mother nature. It will definitely be a trip to remember.

28. Kolkata – Colonial in its past


The culture with a colonial tinge is what you often come across in Kolkata. Enjoy the good old tram ride. The tram system being modernized through times is the hallmark of Kolkata which one cannot see in rest of the country. Check our latest flights to kolkata deals.

29. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling – Taste the famous Darjeeling tea


Enjoy the aromatic and inviting tea experience in Darjeeling. See how the tea pickers work their fingers on the tea bush and give a treat to your taste buds and senses with refreshing tea.

30. Mysore Mystic Monastery Spirituality inside out


The Twang Monastery at 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh is the largest in the world. Its architecture is unique and its surroundings are beautiful and serene.

31. Cherrapunji – The wonder bridges of the Rainforest


The land of the rubber trees where craftsmanship of ages spell bounds any traveler and where the rubber roots span the rivers for crossing. Seeing is believing ….

32. Sunderbans – Home of The Bengal Tiger 


The Sunderbans is a delta with thick forest growth rich in flora and fauna. The white tiger is the basic attraction for the visitors who are looking for a trip full of adventure and fun.

33. The Loktak Lake – World’s only floating lake 


Loktak Lake is a large freshwater lake where foliage and dense biodegradable vegetation floats. Keibul Lamjao, the only floating national park in the world, floats over it and is a beautiful sight. If you are in India, it’s a must place to see.

34. Kaziranga National Park 


A rough ride in the jungle of Assam is full of surprises. Name an animal and it is there. The tigers, elephants, rhinos and many deer species are present in the National Park.

35. Assam – Bihu Festival


Dance to coming of the spring at the Bihu festival. Enjoy the glimpses of rich culture and heritage.

36. Take a Ride on a local Mumbai train 


A must to take! While clinging onto the barest metal and half hanging out, hear all the politics and sports news and enjoy the adventure. Check our latest flights to mumbai deals.

37. Goa – An old Portuguese colony


Do visit the cathedrals and Churches of the old colonial era spell an interesting story and coupled with its amazing architecture.

38. Rann of Kutch – Home to the Indus valley Civilisation


The vastness of this dessert is exuberating and mesmerizing. The colours of the desert changes every minute as the sun goes down.

39. Rajasthan Wedding – Ornately Royal 


Do not miss the opportunity of attending a Rajasthani wedding if you go to Rajasthan. No event or place on earth can match the food and honor given to guests as done in a Rajasthani wedding.

40. Mumbai – The Dhobie lines


A strange scene is observed at the Dhobie Lines as you watch thousand of clothes being washed. It is amazing how there are no mix ups at the customers receive back what they give.
Enjoy the flow and mix in with the dhobis to enjoy the latest news of actors and actresses in Bollywood.

41. Rajasthan Kite Flying – traditional Indian sport


Kite flying is famous sport of the Indian Sub-Continent. Kite flying in Pushkar, Jaipur and Jodhpur is especially noteworthy. After every while cries vibrate the skies when the kites entangle in space and the one with the sharper string or better skills cut the opposing kite thread.

42. Jaisalmer Camel Safari


It’s all about fun in the desert. The evening safari at Jaisalmer excites your vision as the sun sets to change the colours on the sand. A wobbling ride on the ship of the desert and the courtesy of the people will give you an unforgettable experience.

43. Nashik Vineyards – A taste too exotic 


In Nashik, you might take a tour of different spots but your purpose remains focused on the vineyards. The wine elsewhere is not what you get here in Nashik. The winemakers are too inquisitive to get a feedback and appreciate, so you must.

44. Waterfall Rappelling in Vihigaon – Makes your adrenaline zing

The roaring waterfalls and gushing water ride give you an experience of a lifetime. Combine this with mountaineering for complete fun and adventure.

45. Vadodra (Baroda) – In Garba Dance


Join in the drum beat of the Garba as men and women folk alike in colourful attire, know how to weld their dandiyas. Find a partner and dance with the tunes.

46. Celebrate Lord Ganesha in Mumbai


Celebrate with the Mumbaians the Ganesha Chaturthi, a Hindu festival celebrated in the honor of god Ganesha. Enjoy the food and vanish into the streams of colour. Make the best of these 10 days if you have time.

47. Maharashtra – Ajanta and Ellora Caves – A mysterious labyrinth


The caves abound in beautiful architectural carvings of shrines dating back to the 8th century. This network of caves is millions of years old and holds mysteries unfolded. Get into them and explore but be careful ….

48. Goa – Fenny for you

Goa beach landscape

Enjoy the sun and the sand. Dip in the sea and then have fenny the Goan way. Limit to the level of intoxication. This cashew or coconut fermented drink is worth a shot.

49. Gujarat – The snake charmers


Here in Gujrat, you will come across a special breed of snake charmers called the Vadi, a tribe in Gujrat, rightly called the land of snake charmers. Prepared to be amazed by these friendly people who will slip a snake in your pocket or place a snake on your hand. Do not be afraid and enjoy as no harm has ever been done by these skilled people.

50. The Camels of Pushkar – Flair of colors


The camel fair, open in October or November, attracts more than a hundred thousand viewers. Ornamentally decorated camels entertain you to the camel dance while scores of people indulge in trading camels. The local dishes are cravingly palatable.

51. Royal hotel Rajasthan –Feel like a King!


Rajasthan is a royal state of India still rich in its royal traditions and culture. Here you will observe most of the earlier kings palaces converted into heritage hotels. Lake Palace and other hotels and tour drives give you a royal feeling.

52. A unique spirituality on the Worli Coast- Haji Ali Dargah


Mumbai holds the Urs of Haji Ali from 1431 AD. This event attracts a huge number of pilgrims and tourists every year. The heartwarming qwalies with the typical music send one into an ecstasy of spirituality. People believe that what you wish here comes true.

53. Pune – Your soul in Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram is for people who need inner peace. The tranquility that prevails wants to keep you here for eternity. That’s the main reason people keep coming back here again and again most of the time.

54. A Royal Train Trip – An Experience Indeed

Travel in a Palace on Wheels. A beautiful train comprising of ornate rooms, restaurants and a beautiful bar. It is considered to be one of the top ten luxurious train journeys in the world. A special personalized service in your life.

55. Mumbai Chor Bazar – Maybe a misleading pronunciation


Collectible items attract your attention here. Maybe the ‘shor’(loud cries) to catch your attention was converted to Chor (theif) by the British humor. Though stolen goods can also be found here but mainly, the cheap prices of goods attract a large public here.

56. Mumbai – Romantic Marine drive


A place to cuddle with your special one and enjoy a romantic beach drive. Or otherwise inhaling and exhaling fresh air while walking on this 3 km stretch is all fun and a rejuvenating experience.

57. Rajasthan – building castles in the sand


Bash down the sand structure you built and reconstruct another. Explore the vastness of the desert and its colours and life. You will love it as your childhood days.

58. Karni Mata Temple – The temple of rats, rituals and beliefs.


Spot a white rat, believe what you want to and prepare to be amazed at everything. To get all the surprises, be there at the time of Navaratris when many pilgrims pay a visit to the temple of the Goddess Durga.

59. Gujarat – Promoting eco- tourism at Hodka Village


Sham e Sarhad village resort educates you on eco-tourism. Here a mud house stay will vitalize you and the mesmerizing sunset will cast a spell. Enjoy the experience of being so close to nature. A souvenir from the local craft shops will also not cost much.

60. Rajasthan – Bhangarh for ghosts and spirits


No doubt of certain forces acting due to the earth’s magnetic field on a certain places, but here in Bhangarh, you may experience things that will make you start believing in ghosts and spirits. The locals here appear very serious in their tales, so be aware……

61. Rajasthan – Polo match on an elephant

Be the part of a team with no distinction of winning or losing while you polo on an elephant back. The game makes you wonder whether the elephant is playing the ball or you are directing the elephant to the goal post. The truth is that it doesn’t’t matter as long as you are on the elephant and going toward any post as its pure fun.

62. Kerala – Snake Boat Race – Cheer your heart out


Visit Kerala in August or September during the snake boat rowing competition. Watch the race to see who takes the lead in the waters of Kerala.

63. Hampi – The Ruins of Vijayanagar Empire

Karnataka boasts to be the seat of the Vijayanagar Empire and Hampi is declared UNESCO World Heritage. Enjoy the waterfalls and temples and listen to the fascinating stories related to these sights.

64. House Boats of Kerala – Relax in romance


 Get out of the daily routine and relax with your partner in the most serene and private atmosphere on a house boat. The thick foliage and quietness really relaxes the stressed nerves while the excellent services and food available in the house boats take your trip to another level of fun and joy.

65. Orrisa – The Sun Temple


The Sun Temple is a must to visit. Dedicated to Lord Surya, this 13th century Sun Temple is an architectural marvel. Also considered as a UNESCO site, it is one of the many wonders of the world.

66. Madurai – Meenakshi Amman Temple


Thousands of tourists visit this temple every day to marvel at its artistic sculptures. There are an estimated 33,000 sculptures in this temple. The city itself is called the Temple City because of its sculptures and temple dating to 1623 CE.

67. Trivandrum – Kathakali Festival


It is said that the famous Kathak dance and music originated from here at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The art dancers are at their best in beautiful dance costumes. The atmosphere vibrates with songs and stories of love, passion and betrayal.

68. Kerala Tree Houses


Any adventurous person must have dreamt of staying in a tree house. Even as a child, many school going kids have fascination for a tree house. You can let your dreams come true at Kerala Tree Houses and sleep between the branches of a thick foliaged tree for a complete serene and fascinating memory.

69. Nicobar Island


The vastness of the sea and the setting sun at the Nicobar Islands will sketch a beautiful and an unforgettable memory. Your soul blends with the nature here to give you an experience of pure pleasure and relaxation.

70. Indulge into Adventure at the Periyar wildlife Sanctuary


Go rafting in the rapids of Rishikaeh on a bamboo raft. The experience is thrilling at the wildlife sanctuary. Its foliage holds surprises that reveal every moment with a flying bird or animal.

71. Long Drive From Chennai – A road trip so different


 A 1900 km exciting drive will take you from Chennai to Mahrashtra while passing through Goa and Tamil Nadu. Stop at various places and enjoy the exceptional experience. Check our latest flights to Chennai deals.

72. Elephant Service Station – Its all the fun


Get personal with the elephants by scrubbing them and then taking a ride on them, Enjoy when the elephant will spray water on from its trunk.

73. Corals at Havelock Islands- an amazing exploration


One of the Andamen Islands that is famous for its aquatic life. These are one of the best places for scuba diving and looking for corals that are simply amazing.

74. The Magic Ayurvedic Massage – For Stressed Muscles


With all the medicinal properties, Ayurvedic massage at Kerala could be a perfect cure for stress relief. Give yourself a treat on your tour to Kerala and enjoy!

75. Thaipusam festival – Kavadi Attam Dance


Tamil Community during January or February celebrates this colourful Thaipusam Festival. Kavadi Attam Dance here is beautifully choreographed and is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

76. Kerala – Onam Festival and Puli Kali


Harvest celebrations are the most colourful and spectacular events in Kerala, named as Onam. Puli kali is the main highlight of this festival in which the dancers dressed as tiger, lions and hunter entertain with their spectacular performance.

77. Kala Panni – The Freedom Fighters Abode


Ponder upon the national monument know as Kala Panni at Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the place where the British sent political prisoners who had to spend their life in exile. Here you will definitely get feel of the heavy cost of independence paid by that generation.

78. Elephant Safari in Munnar Carmelgiri Elephant Park – All the fun


A safari on elephant back in enchanting as the surrounding landscape is beautiful here. The fun is endless as you bath and stroke the huge docile animal with all your heart.

79. Gangotri Uttarakhand – The source of River Ganges


A befitting destination to trek along the holiest waters with mystical powers. An awesome trek through picturesque scenery, narrow passes and glaciers. See thousands of sadhus barefooted, making up to their cherished dream.

80. Play with the Clay – Indian clay pottery


It’s definitely a great feeling to put your hands in clay and feel near to nature. Your inner happiness will reveal itself as the wheel spins to guide your fingers and hand to changing shapes.

81. Train journey to discover the Real India


If you want to know the real culture, traditions and the real stories of India, make friends while traveling in the local class compartment of the train. Trains that run the highest train track mileage in the world.

82. Bullock Cart Ride – Too eco-friendly way of travelling


Fantasize and go into a trance as you take a ride on a bullock cart to see the destinations that are especially far off the normal road track. The trick is to remain patient and enjoy the eco -friendly ride.

83. Kabaddi – The Game of Punjab


“Kabbadi Kabbadi” in repetitions comes out from your mouth as the players get hold of each other to display their strength and agility. Enjoy the experience.

84. Well of death – Miss a heart beat


Watch the stunts of the motorcyclist and car drivers as they circle the horizontal walls of the wide wooden well. These stunts are usually the central focus in any festivals and can make your heart beat higher than usual as you watch down from the top sides of the well.

85. Play Street cricket from where the Cricket heroes come from


Cricket is the most common and loved game in India. People from every walk of life love to play this game and only require an empty corner of a street to fix their wickets and set a field. Every nook and corner has its own rules, so join them and have fun playing the real cricket which has produced many cricketing heroes.

86. Eat the famous Golgappa Delight


The tangy tamarind burst of flavor in the mouth is a treat to the taste buds. This Golgappa delight is common throughout India. It’s actually an art on its own as it’s a challenge to eat the golgappa in a way that it should pop correctly in your mouth.

87. The Snorkeling Herd


See the snorkeling Rajan in Andaman and Nicobar. The elephants take a dive in the water and use their tongue as snorkel till they emerge from the water. It’s an amazing sight.

88. Attend Diwali


Enjoy the festival of food, decorations and fireworks. The whole atmosphere is alive during the festive season.

89. Explore the Mysterious Elephanta Caves – Sculptures to be marveled


Elephant’s caves are located in Mumbai Harbour. The main attraction here is the Hindu and Buddhist sculptures and engravings on rocks that date back to thousands of years.

90. Kedarnath Temple – a spiritual experience


A Himalayan region festival to be experienced at Kedarnath. It’s a trek of 14 km. Go with the flow and join the pilgrims to get a taste of this spiritual experience.

91. Play Guli Danda


Do not forget to play the famous Guli Danda, a sport especially famous and played by the children in the villages of Punjab. This game requires you to throw the sharp end small wooden guli in the air and hit it with a small wooden stick known as ‘danda’ with all the possible force. The game is enchantingly played in the village streets and open space for the youngsters to enjoy.

92. Visit to Lansdowne


Kaludanda is the old name of Lansdowne. Visit the picturesque valley full of forests and viewpoints. Mix with the gatherings at Santoshi Temple and the 1883 era St. Mary’s Church.

93. Get on an Adventurous Train Journey to Climb to Shimla on the Himalayan Queen


Undoubtedly one of the steepest tracks that lead to Kalka-Shimla while passing through 102 tunnels with 82 bridges to glide over. This pictorial route is mystical and breathtaking.

94. Visit Bharatpur


The tour portrays the royalty and marvels of the mighty Jat rulers and offers the visitors an opportunity to revisit the history. This is also a home to many rare and exotic birds.

95. Bollywood – The prolific film industry


See the world’s top Indian stars at their best in the famous studios. Drive through the roads of high skyscrapers to enter the narrow jumbled streets jostling with bobbing heads. Board a rickshaw and see how it is maneuvered through.

96. Gulmarg


A must to visit place in winters is Gulmarg. It is a famous hill station and a popular skiing destination. Do not forget to indulge into different sports as Gulmarg is considered to be the heartland of winter sports in India.

97. Qutb Minar


See the architecture at its best at the famous Qutb Minar. Located in Delhi, the Qutub Minar was commissioned by Qutbuddin Aibak who was the first Muslim Sultan of Delhi. This Minar was completed by his successor named Iltutmish. The minar is made of red sandstone that is covered with intricate carvings and verses from the Quran.

98. Radhanagar Beach – White sand but lonely


Radhanagar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Andaman Islands. It is a must to visit if you are looking for peace and quietness. Its fine white sand and turquoise blue waters are breath taking and relaxing.

99. Attend the Indian Wedding – The big fat wedding as it is called


Weddings in India are extravagant and depict the cultures, colours and traditions of India. The stage and surroundings are beautifully decorated with flowers and men and women dance till they fall. The food is delicious and men and women look beautiful in vibrant colour clothes. If you are in India, do not miss the chance of attending an indian marriage.

100. Bangaluru – The city of past and present


A mixture of people and cultures. See the botanical gardens, the Cubbon Park but never miss the Tippu Sultan fort. Take a rickshaw through the streets and rest assured the driver will be a Tippu Sultan predecessor. Check our latest flights to bangaluru deals.

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Qatar Airways Introducing Flights to Faisalabad , Multan and Sialkot

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Flights to Lahore for Pakistan cricket

Green Signal for Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe Cricket Series

The security situation in Pakistan for Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe cricket series declared satisfactory after review of the security arrangements by the Zimbabwean delegation.

Flights to Lahore for Pakistan cricket

Ontime Travel found , 4-member delegation of Zimbabwe Cricket arrived at Lahore Gaddafi Stadium, where they examined stadium and residence of players. The government and the Pakistan Cricket Board officials briefed on security issues to the delegation of Zimbabwe.

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Cheap Holidays

Booking Your Holiday Online – Tips for Safety and Security

Enjoy more beaches and worry less – start your holiday off on the right foot with safe and secure online payments.Planning a holiday can be a stressful process – you have to think about finding cheap flights, hotels deals, and an overall affordable trip.

Many of these bookings today are done online, but how can you be sure that the sites and services you use are secure? Unfortunately, scams are everywhere on the Internet and if you are not careful you may just book a flight that doesn’t exist, or a car service that never shows up.

Just follow these tips and you’ll have one less worry when planning your next holiday.

  • Use Reputable Booking Sites

Stick to well-known holiday/flight booking sites with detailed and thorough safety and security policies. These sites often offer financial protection and a 24-hour service center if you have any questions.
Cheap Flights with IATA AgencySecure and safe Holidays

Finding an insanely cheap flight on a questionable self-advertised site may seem like a great deal, but stick to the sites you know and you are off to a much safer start.

  • Keep Your Personal Information Safe

keep safe passportIf you receive a solicitation e-mail asking for to reconfirm your payment information, think twice before proceeding. Scammers can get a hold of your recent booking information and hope to take advantage. Often the best way to handle something like this is to call the site’s call centre directly, if they have no knowledge of the e-mail then you know it’s a scam. Always better to be safe when something like your passport information or credit card number is at stake.

  • Secure Checkouts Only

Secure Online Payment with Ontime Travel

All of the reputable booking sites will offer a form of secure payment checkout. You’ll notice this with the https:// code in the website address or a little green padlock symbol – this means the page you’ve been directed to is a safe area to enter your sensitive information. This is a necessity on any credited site, so if you see this you can relax knowing that the payment is secure.

  • Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Umrah Travel Insurance

One of those necessary trip expenses that may seem like a waste, until the time you actually need it. Travel insurance will be your saviour when you are stuck in a country you are unfamiliar with, like Nigeria or India, and have made a mistake on a booking or have an unexpected change in your itinerary. You’ll thank us later for this tip.

By following these tips you will become a savvy travel planner and can safely and securely find your next great flight deal, cheap hotel room, and have an affordable and enjoyable holiday.

Affordable Dubai Holidays Packages

9 Things You Should Know Before Planning a Trip to Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the top destinations for holidays. The tourism industry there is booming and visitors are welcomed with open arms, accommodating staff and a world of relaxation at their fingertips. The UAE is teeming with unique culture, exciting entertainment and famous landmarks to keep your interests. If you are considering visiting the UAE’s top destinations, DubaiAbu Dhabi and Sharjah, here are a few things that you should know before planning.

Dubai Visa Requirments

Check UAE Visa Requirements

The Visa Requirements

Luckily for UK citizens, no prior visa arrangements are required for your trip to the UAE. Simply get off your flight once you reach Dubai or Abu Dhabi, present your passport at immigration and receive a free 30-day visa. For an additional charge, you can extend your visa for an extra 30 days if you are planning an extended stay in the country.

Where to Find Affordable Flights

Flights to the UAE range from 700 pounds to close to 3,000 pounds. Make sure to search various sites online to find the best deal on flights. Sites like and are great search engines to use when comparing the cheapest prices of international flights.

Where to Find the Best Hotels Deals

Since these cities have such a prosperous tourist industry, they are well equipped with hotels for everyone’s needs. You can use sites like and to find helpful recommendations and price ranges on hotels to book before making the journey. Here are a few hotel suggestions for every holiday budget.

Cheap Hotel Room in Dubai


  • Budget: Al Uruba Hotel: Rooms can cost around 55 pounds per night and it is in a good location with comfortable yet basic amenities. 
  • Middle Price: Four Points by Sheraton: Costs around 130 pounds a night and has spacious rooms, a swimming pool and a gym. 
  • High-end: Burj al-Arab: Costs about 1,200 pounds a night and is famous for being the world’s first 7 star hotel.

Abu Dhabi

  • Budget: The Royal Hotel: Costs about 60 pounds per night and has a gym, pool and jacuzzi. 
  • Middle Price: Hilton: Costs about 100 pounds per night, is close to the beach and offers seaside view rooms. 
  • High-end: Emirates Palace: This is one of the most expensive hotels in the city and features a caviar and champagne bar as well as an upscale club and café. It costs around 330 pounds per night.

What Sights Should You See

The sightseeing is definitely part of the fun so make sure to take a break from the beaches to see what is around.


  • Bastakiya District: One of the last areas of the old Dubai. See traditional buildings and explore the art galleries and cafes.
  • Jumeirah Mosque: Take a guided tour in this prime example of Islamic architecture and one of the only mosques that allows non-Muslim visitors. 
  • Palm Islands: These are the three largest artificial islands in the world and each are shaped like palm leafs. Check out the shopping, restaurants and bars featured on the islands.

Abu Dhabi

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque: The 6th largest mosque in the world. It is beautiful and can be toured despite its strict dress code. 
  • The Corniche: Interesting waterfront area that runs along beaches and hosts plenty of places to shop. 
  • Heritage Village: An area of replica traditional buildings, handicraft stores and a beach with a city view.

What Foods You Should Try

The cuisine in the UAE is international overall and also offers dishes that are unique to the area. The restaurants range from market stall to high-end establishments so there are plenty of venues for you to have a taste. Make sure to try some of the Indian restaurants, the shawarma (meat and salad inside a pita bread) and falafel.

Dubai eating places


What Experiences Should You Have

There are just certain things you should experience on a trip to the UAE that will make it an unforgettable holiday.

  • Visit the lavish shopping malls and window shop in the high-end boutiques. The Dubai Mall and the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi have some of the best shopping.
  • Roam around the historical markets and pick up spices, handmade clothing and souvenirs. Popular markets are the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk in Dubai.
  • Have fun in the desert of Abu Dhabi by taking a safari or driving around the dunes in a SUV. You can even observe the desert from the sky by taking hot air balloon tours over the dunes of Dubai.

How Should You Get Around

Dubai has a metro system, a public bus and a monorail if you are looking for cheaper options to get around the city. The layout is still very much car oriented and you could rent your own vehicle or hire a taxi for more expensive but convenient options. Abu Dhabi also has a public bus but taking a taxi seems to be the preferred way to get around.

What Should You Pack

The UAE is a desert country and you should expect the climate to be hot and dry. Make sure to bring clothes for warm weather, a bathing suit for the beaches and pools and hats and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Sandals are ok for the beach, but bring your walking shoes as there is plenty to see. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are full of upscale restaurants, clubs and venues so make sure to bring nice clothing that will suit the high standard of dress.

What Entertainment is Available

There is plenty to entertain between both of these major cities. The water parks and swimming pools are popular outings for visitors in Abu Dhabi and the beaches, fishing and water sports are loved by travelers to Dubai. Yacht charters and scuba diving are also popular pastimes for those wanting a break from lounging by the sea.

Dubai Holidays

The list of places to visit and activities to try is endless for the UAE. With such an accommodating tourism industry, you should have no problem getting yourself planned and ready to embark on a holiday that you will never forget.